Interactive training and certification simulations

Using our Quick Capture Tools, we connect over the Internet to your Subject Matter Expert’s (SME’s) workstation. We “Video Record” your SME operating your company’s applications and from that video, we take “Desktop Pictures” or “Stills”. These stills will then be used to create your interactive custom training and certification modules.

We can deliver your custom modules within five (5) business days.

Training module examples

hmc sysplex unix db2 recovery training sdsf windows as/400 training report

What does a Trainframe module include?

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How do we create custom modules?

  1. Using our Quick Capture Tools, we connect over the Internet to your Subject Matter Expert’s (SME’s) workstation
  2. We “Video Record” your SME performing your company’s applications or procedures
  3. From the video, we take “Desktop Pictures” or “Stills”
  4. These "stills" are integrated into your interactive custom training and certification modules

Why choose Trainframe SOP?

What are the benefits?

          Employees learn to use your tools, your processes and your procedures the way they were intended to be used

          Organizational knowledge is identified, captured and transferred to new employees

          Key performer expertise is identified, captured and distributed across the organization

          Company and industry best practices are proliferated throughout the organization

          Certification mode ensures that learning is taking place

          Costs are controlled

Who can use Trainframe?

Industries include:



          Technology Companies




          Financial Services

          Call Centers


          Government Agencies


          Schools & Universities

          Business Services

Internal groups include:

“Canned” modules immediately available

Mainframe modules:

z/OS Entry Level Console Operations

z/OS Intermediate Level Console Operations

z/OS Advanced Level Console Operations

Sysplex for z/OS Console Operators

CICS for z/OS Console Operators

DB2 for z/OS Console Operators

IMS for z/OS Console Operators

VTAM for z/OS Console Operators

MIM for z/OS Console Operators

ThruPut Manager for z/OS Console Operators

HMC Overview for z/OS Console Operators

HMC for z/OS Console Operators

CA-7 for z/OS Operators and Analysts



"What an impressive tool for training operations – I certainly wish we had something like this when I was an operator! The screens appear to be real time, from working at the console, viewing PEM alerts, logging on to TSO and logging into NETVIEW."  Mary G. – Storage Management


"Great interaction.  Very realistic."  Will S. – Command Center Operator

"It's an opportunity to practice computer procedures that we need to know." Debbie F.. – Command Center Operator

"Hands on training is more beneficial than reading notes, manuals, CBT etc."
Sam T. – Command Center Operator

"Each Trainframe module reacts like the real thing."
Tanya L. – Sr. Computer Operator

"This type of training is so unique. I've never seen anything like it. It's a winner!"
Charles S. – Shift Manager

"This training shows exactly what an operator could expect to see."
Tim M. – Availability Specialist

"Simulation of real life situations. More interaction than other training programs."
Leo D. – NOCC Operator




To obtain exact pricing for your shop, please email: or call (623) 594-3956.

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We create simulation modules for all environments including Mainframe, Midrange, Windows, Unix, AS/400, RS/6000, End User tools and Network technologies. Ask to see our samples of customer modules that might be related to your needs.

To arrange a demonstration of these or other SOP training modules or to obtain further information, please contact: